Giving back to others should happen all year around, but there is something special happening at this time of the year that reminds us of that act of unselfishness. To help others have a better life is something we can all do whether it is giving our time to help someone in need or giving resources in response to a call for help.

I received a call for help from an organization I have supported over the years, Ngandu’s Angels, asking if my husband  and I would sponsor the school tuition for a girl in Kenya, Africa by the name of Faith Wanjiru. Faith is a high achieving 8th grade student waiting to go to high school. Just recently her father was killed in a truck accident. Her mother has no means to generate income for the family. They live on family land that is not viable for commercial farming.

My husband and I decided to sponsor Faith in her schooling for 4 years knowing it will make a huge difference in her life.

As the founder of Our Sister’s Keeper (www.oursisterskeeper.org), I know how desperate life can be in many areas of the world. This is one additional way I can help make a difference for one of my sisters.

If you would like to sponsor a child or support the Ngandu School in Kenya, Africa, I highly recommend this 501( c) 3 organization. My husband and I have visited Ngandu School many times and have seen first hand the benefit of our support.

Contact Information:

Ngandu’s  Angels      20741 Catamaran Lane       Huntington Beach, CA 92646-5513

Or, email me, Marie Plakos, at oursisterskeeper@whidbey.com.


Faith Wanjiru, Student Sponsored by Our Sister’s Keeper